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Crystal Healing: Things You Need To Know

Crystal Healing: Things You Need To Know

                                      Crystal healing is said to be a pseudoscientific alternative medicine technique involving semiprecious stones and crystals like quartz, agate, amethyst, and opals. The practice’s adherents claim that these have therapeutic properties. Crystal healers think they can increase low energy, prevent negative energy, remove blocked energy, and alter it. Crystal healing is a type of complementary medicine in which crystals and other stones are used to treat illnesses and prevent disease. Crystals, according to proponents of this practice, work as therapeutic conduits, allowing positive, healing energy to flow into the body while bad, disease-causing energy flows out.

                                The practitioner places crystals on various regions of the body, generally matching to chakras; in another, the practitioner places crystals all over the body in an attempt to create an energy grid. There is no proof that such “energy grids” exist, according to scientific examinations, and there is also no evidence that cryonics exists.

How does it work?

                              Crystal healing believes that crystals and gemstones have therapeutic abilities. Many websites are supporting crystal healing claim that it has a long history On such sites, ancient Egyptians are also mentioned as being among the first people to have a written language.

History of crystal healing

                                  Crystals were mined and utilized to manufacture jewelry by the ancient Egyptians. For their metaphysical powers, crystals or gemstones were often used in practice. They employed crystals specifically as health and protective aids. They would frequently bury a lapis lazuli scarab with their ancestors, believing it would protect them in the afterlife. Additionally, amulets were employed in Ancient Egypt. The amulet’s efficacy was determined by its shape, adornment, inscription, color, substance, or ritual conducted with it. Stones, piercings, rings, necklaces, and other jewelry were worn or placed on the body as amulets. [Amulets, which frequently represented an Egyptian deity and their special powers, were utilized by the Egyptians to aid their afterlife. Mummies and bets were also adorned with amulets.

                        Crystals were given a wide range of qualities by the Ancient Greeks. The word “crystal” comes from the Greek word “Krystal Los,” which means “ice.”  Clear quartz crystals, according to the Ancient Greeks, were a water that had frozen to the point where it would remain solid. In Ancient Greek, the word “amethyst” meant “not intoxicated.” Amethyst was used as a charm.

                      A variety of cultures have seen precious stones as objects that can aid in healing (a technique known as lapidary medicine). Quartz crystals are used by the Hopi Native Americans of Arizona to aid in the diagnosis of ailments. Certain crystals were said to have medical powers by both Pliny the Elder and Galen. The belief in the healing abilities of crystals (and in particular, quartz) is widespread in Europe.

                    Different stones can represent or help with different things in different civilizations. Rose quartz is an example of this. Rose quartz was thought to have anti-aging properties in Egypt, but the Romans used it as a seal to indicate ownership, and it was used in medicinal potions in the Middle Ages. Today, rose quartz is regarded as the “love stone,” and it is used to balance emotions and heal hatred and rage.

How it works in practice?

                            There are no studies related to the efficacy of crystal healing; one study implies that a patient receiving this sort of treatment may experience a placebo effect. According to Christopher Franc, placebo effects are side effects that occur as a result of a treatment that is not caused by the medication itself working on the patient’s ailment.

                  In other words, a person feels better after receiving crystal healing treatment, but there is no scientific evidence that this improvement is due to the crystals utilized during the procedure. French and his Goldsmiths College colleagues gave a report at the British Psychological Society Centenary Annual Conference in Glasgow in 2001.

Is crystal healing a safe practice?

                              Crystal healers obtain accreditation by completing a course, which is frequently provided over the Internet by “natural medicine” universities or clinics, many of which are not certified by any central organization. There is currently no state or federal regulations that control or standardize crystal healing or the licensing of crystal healers in particular.

Massage therapists and alternative healers can take voluntary board certification tests administered by non-profit organizations like NCBTMB. NCTMB promotes schools and businesses that provide alternative healer certification, but only if they meet the organization’s requirements.

                          Some medical specialists are open to crystal healing to a limited extent, seeing it as a therapy that can help people relax, which is ultimately beneficial for stress management. Those looking for a crystal healer, on the other hand, should be wary of foregoing appropriate medical therapy for life-threatening illnesses.

                      Many parents believe that Baltic amber necklaces can help teething babies and toddlers. There is no scientific evidence that amber helps to relieve teething pain, according to Healthy Children.

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