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A counselor who does Horoscope Reading, Palmistry & Face Reading, Vastu Consultation, Kawade Shastra and solves Relationship Problems, Business Issues, Job Problem, Health Issues, and Love Success. Bachelor of Engineering (information science) from B.V. Bhoomaraddi college of engineering and technology and then Master of Science (Computer Science) from Illinois Institute of technology Chicago, U.S.A He began to practice astrology under the guidance of his father to continue the family tradition of solving people’s problems through astrological methods. People across the globe have consulted him and found remedies for their problems. Over the years, he has established himself to be a part of amazing astrologers in India.

MB JOSHI offers a wide range of astrological counseling and predictions on life issues like career, health, love, business, finance, and marriage. He is also known for accuracy and skill in palm reading and face reading, through which his readings have helped people find a new path, improve their current path, and gain overall success in their lives. Being a famous astrologer, M B JOSHI has aided in making a difference in the lives of many people, leading them on a path towards success. People across the globe approach him for counseling, either in person or through online sources.’

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